If you want to repair your diamond cut wheels, you’ve come to the right place. At Bristol Wheel Alignment, we are specialists in refurbishing and repairing wheels.

You most likely have diamond-cut alloys if you bought your car in the past few years. They have become standard recently.

Our team of specialists can refurbish and repair your wheels to how they were when you first bought your car – back to factory condition. We recut your alloy without harming it, as we have one of the top industry-grade CNC diamond-cut lathes.


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What are diamond-cut wheels?

While all wheels are built with aluminium or magnesium, diamond-cut wheels are distinguished by their attractive, chrome-like, shiny finish. One of the best benefits of diamond-cut alloys is that you can upgrade the look of your vehicle choosing your preferred colour.

Diamond cut wheels are often found in prestigious brands to showcase their finest models. BMW, Mercedes, and Audi are known to use diamond-cut wheels.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels Comparison Before and After

How we repair diamond cut wheels

The 9-step process with its nitty-gritty details

Step 1

Our expert technicians remove your tyre first to analyze the damage. We investigate any buckles and flat spots carefully. This is a core component in our process because we check how to recut the alloy on the lathe to ensure that any cuts done will bring your wheels back to factory condition.

Step 2

Afterwards, we assess the finish, and get an exact colour match (or switch the colour if you’re looking to upgrade it) to bring your wheels back to life.

Step 3

If no straitening is required, we move ahead with removing powder coating and corrosion through chemical stripping of the alloy.

Step 4

Afterwards, we place the alloy in the oven to dry out any chemicals.

Step 5

For the next step, we hang the alloy in an alloy wheel spray booth to prime your wheel inside out – then place it back in the oven.

Step 6

Now comes the powder coating process, where we apply the same colour of your original wheels (which we assessed earlier) or your colour of choice. The alloy goes back into the oven for baking at 200°C.

Step 7

After the paintwork is cured, we place your alloy onto our specialist diamond-cut lathe and carefully apply laser plots. Then, the alloy is spun to bring back the diamond-cut effect.

Step 8

Your now new diamond-cut wheel is ready for its final clear coat.

Step 9

For the last step, it’s baked again in the oven. Now your diamond-cut wheels are back to factory condition, shiny and new as ever. After completing the process, we refit your tyres and rebalance the alloy.


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FAQs on diamond cut wheels

How long does diamond cut wheel repair take?

Generally, it takes between 2-3 days to complete the process. But if your wheels are too damaged, we may need more time to fix that!

How do I know if my wheels are diamond cut or painted?

Telling the difference is quite simple. If your wheel is two-tone (darker on the inside and silver on the outside), it’s most likely a diamond-cut wheel. If your wheels are the same colour all over, it’s likely a powder coated wheel.

How can I get my whels refurbished?

You want your wheels back the way you first started driving your vehicle. At Bristol Wheel Alignment, our specialists refurbish diamond-cut wheels with high-quality lathing equipment. The process is to cut off the damage and then reapply clear powder coating to return to its original shiny state.

Should I inform my technician if I’ve done a diamond cut before?

Yes. Diamond cut wheels need careful assessment, and we recommend they undergo up to 2 cuts. Our technicians may advise a powder coat finish if they’ve been cut before. We assess each wheel separately to ensure a quality-grade finish that doesn’t comprise your wheels.

How much does diamond-cut wheel repair cost?

The price for diamond cut wheels start from £100+VAT.

Do my diamond cut alloys come with a warranty?

All of our diamond cut alloy wheels come with 12 months of warranty.

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We do more than diamond cut wheel repairs and refurbishment at Bristol Wheel Alignment. Whether you need powder coating, alloy wheel straitening, wheel alignment, or more, check our full list of wheel alignment services.