Some damage in wheels that need realignment can go unnoticed (from tyre wear to puncture), so it’s essential to check it. If you notice your steering wheel shaking or vibrating while driving, you most likely need to consider alloy wheel straightening.

At Bristol Wheel Alignment, we specialize in alloy wheel straightening and other wheel repair services.

Our wheel straightening specialists can quickly realign your wheels back to life at affordable prices.

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Before and after of alloy wheel straightening


What is alloy wheel straightening?


To straighten wheels, it’s best to have specialist wheel straightening equipment. At Bristol Wheel Alignment, we invested in industry-grade hydraulically assisted equipment to restore your wheels to factory condition.


Our wheel straitening process

Details on how we do the work.

Step 1

Our specialist technicians remove your wheels and check for damage.

Step 2

Afterwards, the specialists place your wheel on a rig to ensure that the alloy is centre aligned.

Step 3

We measure the wheel’s shape to analyze where the rim has distortions or damage.

Step 4

We heat damaged areas carefully. This softens the metal without cranking, ensuring the smoothest and safest process possible for your wheels.

Step 5

Finally, we bring your wheels back to their factory shape using hydraulic rams.

Overall, you’ll receive your wheels back almost as new – as we aim to bring them back to factory condition.

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FAQs on alloy wheel straightening

How do alloy wheels get damaged in the first place?

Damage that needs alloy wheel straightening often happens due to kerbs, potholes, speed bumps or any other obstacle on the road that may make your wheels lose their original shape and bend.

Straightening, in this case, can save you tons of money in the long run, as it helps to fix the damage early on. If you wait, these damaged wheels may cause your tyres to wear down. Then, you would need to replace your wheels sooner.

What are the benefits of alloy wheel realignment?

Realigning your wheels early helps you avoid replacing them earlier.

Straitening your wheels can make your car look newer – so it helps improve the vehicle’s appearance.

An important point to note is that if you notice that your wheel’s bent, it’s vital to make an appointment at the earliest date possible. It can be dangerous and cause risk if left unaccounted for as the tyre may pop while driving – causing severe risk.

How long does alloy wheel straightening take?

Alloy wheel straightening can take up to 2 hours, but we will let you know as soon as you book with us.

How can I tell if I need wheel straightening?

There are several calls for help that your vehicle does when it needs wheel straightening. Here are the most common signs:

  1. Tyre wear: If your tyre’s worn out unevenly, this may be a sign that your wheels are bent and need straightening
  2. Steering wheel vibrating: Ever felt like your steering wheel’s shaking as you drive? This is a clear sign that your wheels may be bent
  3. Stubborn side: If your steering wheel pulls you to one side as you drive, the culprit may be bent wheels
  4. Extra shaking at high speeds: If you feel your car shaking when you up the speed, this needs to be addressed immediately. It would be best if you got it checked as soon as you could
  5. Flat tyre: if you have a tyre that keeps losing pressure or going flat, this can signify bent wheels
  6. Braking isn’t as good as it used to be

Does the alloys wheel straightening come with a warranty?

All of our alloy wheel services come with a 12 months of warranty.

What is the price of alloy wheel straightening?

The price for alloy wheel straightening starts from £40+VAT.


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We do more than alloy wheel straightening at Bristol Wheel Alignment. Whether you need diamond cut wheels, alloy wheel powder coating, wheel alignment, or more, check our full list of wheel alignment/ repair services.