Looking to powder coat your wheels for an affordable price that doesn’t budge on quality? You’ve come to the right place! At Bristol Wheel Alignment, we specialize in bringing your wheels back to life.

Alloy wheel powder coating has existed since the 1940s. It is a long-lasting and durable method to restore your alloy and customize your vehicle.

Older wheels may be peeling, leaking air, or needing a colour change. Powder coating helps your wheels last longer as it is thicker than normal paint and prevents peeling or chipping.

Our expert team can powder coat your wheels to your preferences. The finish lasts longer than the average paint job, and we provide a variety of colours for you to choose from to customize your wheels to your liking.


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Finished blue alloy wheel powder coating

Finished blue alloy wheel powder coating

What is alloy wheel powder coating?

Unlike the traditional route of painted wheels, powder coated wheels use dry powder through a process known as electrostatic coating. Our expert technicians bake this on your wheel’s surface to form a skin (which is the powder coating).


Our wheel powder coating process

This 9-step process restores your wheels.

Step 1

We remove your tyres, and analyze the damage by checking for fractures or buckles.

Step 2

We degrease your wheels and clean them using our specialist wheel cleaner.

Step 3

Specialists remove rigid particles through blasting to remove any lacquer and ensure that the metal surface is smooth for coating.

Step 4

If your wheels are in poor condition, we may chemically strip them, which takes up to 4 hours.

Step 5

Our expert technicians degrease and clean the wheel once more – to ensure a thorough application. This helps avoid any bubbles from forming for a smooth finish.

Step 6

This is where we heat the rim of your wheel in an industrial oven.

Step 7

Finally, we apply the powder coating and your preferred colour and finish.

Step 8

The rim goes back into the industrial oven until the powder’s consistency becomes gel-like.

Step 9

For the last step, we apply lacquer and set by heat treating, which helps protect your wheels from UV damage, pollution and scratches.

Overall, you’ll receive your wheels back almost brand new – as we aim to bring them back to factory condition or even better.

Finished green alloy wheel powder coating

Finished green alloy wheel powder coating

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FAQs on powder coating alloy wheels

What are the pros of powder coating alloys?

It’s known as one of the most durable finishes for alloy wheels. It prevents your wheels from fading or scratching, and provides a more shiny finish that is thicker and lasts longer than traditional paint.

You also have more variety to choose from in terms of finishes, as you can choose whether you want a satin, matt or gloss finish. You also have the option to choose from many different colours.

Powder coating is also more environmentally-friendly because it releases fewer VOCs into the atmosphere. It is also more flexible, which can really help your wheels if they’re chipped or peeled, or if you want to protect them from road impacts.

What is the cost of wheel powder coating at Bristol Wheel Alignment?

The price for wheel powder coating start from £75+VAT.

How long does alloy wheel powder coating take?

Alloy wheel powder coating can take up to 48 hours.

How can I tell if alloy wheel powder coating is for me?

It depends on your goal. Here are two main reasons our clients go for powder coating:

  1. Cosmetic purposes: you’re looking to change the colour of your wheels.
  2. Wear and tear: your wheels may be old, and you want to restore them.

Do my powder coated alloys wheels come with a warranty?

All of our powder coated alloy wheels come with 12 months of warranty.

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